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    Horse Watertreadmill AcquatreadmillSPA

    Horse Watertreadmill AcquatreadmillSPA

    Treadmill immersed in natural water for horses.   Mod. “AcquatreadmillSPA” – by SM Trade & Technology srl
    For physiotherapy and training of horses,  walking and trotting in water.

    Variable speed from 0 from 18 km / hour    (35 km/ hour)

    Structure entirely of stainless steel, transparent doors ,transparent side plate. Total weight 1900 kg

    The only product in the world with an electrical isolation transformer, for the safety of operators and horses.

    Whirlpool air and ozone air choice.
    The horse is when we need consistent, gentle massage and proprioceptive effect
    (massage only allowed during the acute inflammation).
    For treatment of edema, decubitus wounds and prolonged inflammation and bleeding, and more.


    For Water: Filter system to two consecutive stages 220/115 microns  + filter fine rolls TNT -  transparent water.

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